Singing Tuition

All ages and levels are catered for whether you want to sing for your own enjoyment, be a solo performer or a member of a band.

We take a modern approach to singing incorporating the use of backing tracks to guide the students through the chosen songs that they wish to learn.

Correct breathing and diaphragm techniques are taught, which assists in the development of note pitching and vocal strength. Computer technology is used to visually show strengths and weaknesses.

Vocal Tuition 5 x 1/2 hour lesson blocks paid in advance: $190 ( Inc. GST )

Students have regular time in the recording studio. This is a fantastic tool for evaluating a singers progress.

Download our Fundamentals Infosheet here.

Instrument Tuition.

From basic to advanced techniques specialising in rock and blues.


Beginners to advanced in our specially constructed drum room. 

5 x 1/2 hour lesson blocks of instrument tuition paid in advance: $150 All prices include GST.

We hold a mid year and an end of year concert that students are encouraged to perform at either in the school band or as a solo performer.

All students are encouraged to use the recording studio.

Terms and Conditions

Lesson blocks are to be paid for in advance.
Any cancelation made by the student must be made 24 hour in advance. A makeup lesson will be offered at
the time of cancelation. Non attendance of a makeup lesson will result in a forfiet of the lesson. Makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled. Lessons canceled on the day of the lesson may be forfieted if a makeup lesson cannot
be arranged. Non attendance will forfiet the lesson. If your regular teacher is away or unavailable to attend the scheduled lesson you will be offered a substitute teacher or a makeup lesson. The offer to provide lessons is made between Voice and Music Studio and the client. We do not guarantee that one particuler teacher will be available for the entire block of lessons and we retain the right to substitute teachers without notice at any time. No refunds are given if a student wishes to terminate there lessons without notice within a paid block of lessons. A block of lessons is deemed to be "The product or the service" and treated as one unit. If a student wishes to terminate their  lessons they will need to provide two weeks notice of their intention. Special offers cannot be refunded or exchanged or transfered. The management retains the right to change or amend these terms and conditions without notice.